125 kHz Handheld Guard Patrol RFID Terminal kit

This RFID reader stores the ID-codes of RFID tags in memory, with a date and time stamp. Has an LCD display and LCD status indicator, reading distance of 0.16ft (50mm).



This kit enables to evaluate the low-frequency reader which can store the ID-codes of the various tags in a journal memory, with date and time stamp. It is most suitable for applications like security, security patrolling, remote equipment inspection, and maintenance.

The reader in this kit has a reading distance of 1.97inch (50mm) which can easily operate in 0 to 55 degrees (131 Fahrenheit) temperature range

The kit provides multiple tags which can be used for various applications.

Why buy this kit

This kit consist of a reader that has a good reading range of up to 1.97inch (50mm) , it can be useful for security patrolling or remote equipment inspection. It is also a good product for attendance as it stores the information with date and time stamp.


  • Reader has ability to store id-codes of RFID tags.
  • Reader has LCD display.
  • Reader with LED indicator for operation and battery status.
  • Reader with Interface: RS232, 19200 N, 8, 1 or USB.

This Kit Includes

RFID Reader

ID: 221006

This 125 kHz handheld patrol terminal stores the ID-codes of RFID tags along with a date/time stamp in its memory and is suitable for applications where remote scanning is needed.

 RFID Tags

This kit may be offered with a different choice of low frequency tags compatible with the reader. Please look at other tags we offer, or contact our Experts for advice.

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