Active RFID Wall-mounted Tag Reader

This wall-mounted active reader is IP54 rated, detects tags or cards up to 7.9‘‘ (20 cm) away, and has a double tone buzzer.




This wall-mounted tag checker detects the tag or the card placed at a short distance from the CHECKER (< 20 cm). This setting is done in factory. The green DEL flashes at the same frequency as the emission of the tags and a buzzer is simultaneously activated. The red DEL flashes alternatively with the green DEL when the shown tag has reached the end of its autonomy (battery’s Low Level). A buzzer with a different tone is simultaneously activated.

Key Features

  • Tester of active RFID tag’s emissions and maintenance signal for battery’s low level
  • High lighting DELs and double tone Buzzer
  • Short range settings predefined in factory
  • IP54 Waterproof ABS Housing


Technical Specifications

Power Supply230Vac – Internal 12Vdc conversion board with fuse Power Supply Cable provided
Average current20 mA @ 12Vdc
Frequency433,92 MHz
Detection distance of TagsFactory settings with short range < 20 cm
DEL IndicatorsGreen DEL and Buzzer Tone 1: tag’s emission OK

Red DEL and Buzzer Tone 2 : low level of tag’s battery

HousingABS 180x 110 x 90 mm – IP54 Waterproof –  4 internal guided holes for wall mounting
Operating Temperature-25°C to +60°C
StandardsEN 301 489 – 3 : 2002 V1.4.1 ; EN 300 220 – 2007 : V2.1.2 ; CE Mark ; RoHS Certified


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