UHF 433 MHz Active RFID Rugged Reader/Receiver

This UHF rugged reader/receiver can be configured remotely, has multi-regional flexibility, has multiple interfaces, and supports a wide variety of antennas that covers up to 490 ft (150 m).



Download Our PDF Product Document
Download Our PDF Product Document

This RS485 / RS232 RFID reader detects and decodes RF transmitted signals from compatible Wavetrend tags. It can be configured remotely and can be connected to a host PC, edge server or intelligent hardware controller via RS232, RS485 or TTL; it can also be used singly or in networked mode. It offers a connection for an external antenna. This active RFID reader can be used in rugged conditions at ultra long ranges. The detected tag data is sent by the reader via RS485 / RS232 or USB to authorized corporate computing systems.

This compact reader is ideally suited for asset tracking, people tracking, and other safety or security applications. It can be used to create RFID networks within buildings. The tag data and reader status information is fed into the end-user application enabling complete management of all tagged assets and the automation of business decisions about them based on accurate and near real-time knowledge of their location and condition.

Key Features

  • Instant reporting of detected Wavetrend active RFID tags
  • User configurable tag data and read range filters
  • Singular use or as part of multiple reader daisy chain network
  • Easy remote configuration via the reader network
  • RS232, RS485 and USB connection
  • Supports wide variety of antennas to achieve custom coverage areas
Key FeaturesBenefits
Up to 255 unique Receiver Addresses possibleAllows for multiple readers to be connected in a daisy-chain RS485 network
Remote readers are powered via standard CAT5 cable, centralized or distributed PSU topology may be usedIt can be powered over the network or individually depending on the clients’ requirements
Reader status indication by LED’s at RJ45 connectorsProvides activity and function diagnostics
Certified for FCC and ETSICan be deployed in most countries
High RF long and short range sensitivityHigh near field resolution < 0.5 m
USB connectionAllows easy installation diagnostics and demonstrations
RF hardened ReceiverMaintains high performance in RF noisy backgrounds
Configurable protocol support for L seriesCan read L series tags
Two modes of data transmission: Hardware auto-polling: tag data provided automatically from reader network. Software polling: tag data requested from each reader individually by intelligent edge devices or host application.Hardware auto-polling allows for the continuous feed of tag data to the system in the fastest possible manner. Software poling allows for dynamic communication with each reader by software applications, instant notification of reader offline and customization of reader polling order and frequency.

Typical read ranges of tags with various antennas

(Distances may vary depending on the ambient RF environment and site configurations and may not match those stated in this sheet. Read ranges will generally be greater outdoors than indoors. With specialist antennas, ranges in excess of 500m can be achieved.)

Antenna TypeRead Range
304001¼ Whip up to 50m
304002⅛ Stub- up to 20m
304004Circular patch up to 150m
304005Outdoor Whip up to 150m

Serial Networking hardware

Completing the networking suite for all power and access control requirements please refer to the 214041 and IPSU.

Technical Specifications

Operating temperature– 40 °C to 85 °C
Storage temperature– 20 °C to 70 °C
Humidity5% to 90% (Non condensing)
IP RatingIP50
Size105 mm x 58mm x 28mm
Weight (unit)118 grams
ColorAluminium Grey
Connections2 x RJ45 socket
1 Mini USB type socket
2.5mm Power socket
Radio Frequency
Receive Frequency433.92 MHz
RF Input50 Ohm BNC
Supply Voltage7 V to 16 V DC
Max. current consumption60 ma
Protocol Specification
Standard Data Rate9,600 to 115,200 (baud rate)
Standard Data RateRJ45 connectors

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