Relative Position 433MHz RFID People Tracking System



What It Tracks

With GAO’s 433 MHz Active RFID People Tracking System, you can locate the relative positions of your employees, contractors, visitors and other personnel in real-time.  Tracking people in your workspace or building improves productivity, safety and security.  It can also be used to help with COVID-19, seasonal flu, other infectious diseases and pandemic protocols like social distancing measures by tracking the number of people in each zone and identifying overcrowded zones.


How It Works

A workplace or building is divided into trackable zones, which can be spaces with a length or width of one dozen feet up to three dozen feet,  then the following elements are used to implement tracking:

  • A 433 MHz active RFID reader is assigned to each zone.
  • Each person is given an ID tag embedded with a 433 active RFID chip that is tracked by the RFID readers.
  • The GAO RFID tracking system software identifies the zonal placement of each person carrying the ID tag.



  • Real-time monitoring
  • Ability to know the location of tracked employees, contractors, visitors, and other personnel in each zone
  • Unlimited number of zones
  • Scalable to location size and group size


Technical Specifications

  • Active 433 MHz RFID readers
  • Active 433 MHz ID tags
  • GAO RFID People Tracking Software


The Issues Addressed

When it is important to know the location of your employees, contractors, visitors, and other personnel, whether for productivity, security, emergency, safety or other reasons, the GAO 433 MHz Active RFID People Tracking System can be adapted to fit your needs. With the emergence of COVID-19, it is required to ensure everyone is following the proper social distancing guidelines. Before RFID, there was no easy, reliable and affordable method of tracking people at a worksite or in a building. With the use of 433 MHz active RFID readers and tags, combined with the people tracking software, GAO offers a system that will provide real-time tracking results to ensure everyone’s safety.


Components involved in 433MHz Active RFID Tracking

Recommended Reader, Antenna and Tag options:


This compact active reader suits industrial applications acting as an RFID network gateway, supports multiple IP protocols, and has an adjustable range of up to 490 ft (150 m).
ID: 214045


This 433 MHz Omni-directional 1/4 Wave RFID Antenna is made of flexible polypropylene material.
ID: 304028
This 433 MHz antenna is omni-directional and waterproof: designed with outdoor applications in mind.
ID: 304031
This 433 MHz Slender Semi-directional RFID Antenna is designed for outdoor use, is semi-directional, with an ABS anti-UV cabinet that is made to withstand the elements.
ID: 304034


This Active RFID Tag is a coin-sized tag that is IP68 rated for waterproof applications and has a high read range of up to 262 feet (80 metres).
ID: 124068
This 433 MHz Thinline IR Active RFID Tag is a compact and thin (5mm) RFID tag with a reading range oof up to 262 feet (80 metres).
ID: 124071

GAO RFID Personnel Locating Sofware

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