Small Form Factor UHF Antenna




  1. RoHS compliant, CE 0682
  2. Operable frequency range: 902 – 928 MHz
  3. Offers a standard Forward to Back ratio of 10dB(typ)
  4. Comes with AXIAL RATIOAT BORESIGHT 3DB (typ) 6.5 dB (max)




Performance Index
Frequency range 860-960 MHz
Polarization Left-hand circularly polarized (LHCP)
Gain 3.5 dbic (typ)
Voltage Standing Wave ratio (VSWR) 3.5 dbic(typ)


Forward: Back (F/B Ratio) -10dB (typ)
Input Impedance 50 Ω
Mechanical electrical performance
Input Impedance 50 Ω
AXIAL RATIOAT BORESIGHT 30 db(typ) 6.5 db (Max)
Temperature Cycling. -45°C to +70°C
Dimension 95*95*11mm (not include connector)
Connector SMA Female
Power 6W (max)
Weight 0.1kg(max)
Low Temperature -55 ° c
High Temperature +71°c

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