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At GAO, we have all the tools you will need to seamlessly integrate the right RFID-enabled system into your environment. We know that different organizations and businesses need task-specific systems and we work with you to suggest the right items for your unique needs. Our selection of RFID hardware includes tags, readers, antennas, embedded modules, peripherals, portals and off-the-shelf ¨RFID in a Box¨ systems. All hardware are available with a wide range of options. RFID Tags come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are grouped by frequency. Some tags can be easily affixed to your products, some adhere directly onto them, while others are embedded in special cards that are designed specifically for resist high temperatures or moisture and manufactured to be rugged or tamper-proof. RFID Readers are used for encoding and collecting data from the tags or labels that have previously been affixed to your product. They can be handheld or fixed depending on your needs and are available with mobile computing capabilities for more ease of use. Handheld devices allow you to move around while reading your tags, while fixed readers can be installed at strategic points across the facility enabling you to cover a wider area while reading batches of items simultaneously. For organizations that are newly adopting RFID technology into their operations, we offer combination 1D/2D barcode and RFID Readers that provide an efficient way of reading RFID tagged assets while still enabling you to scan existing barcode items. RFID Antennas are an integral part of the RFID system. They deliver high throughput and an extended range; and can be placed almost anywhere to enable critical information to be read, captured, and communicated at every point of business activity. RFID Embedded Modules are small and powerful, and available for a wide variety of handheld, stationary and portable devices. With an optimal output rate, these modules are capable of reading tags at an extremely high read-rate giving you power and performance. RFID Peripherals and Portals are hardware options that can be double or single sided and come in a variety of sizes for use in a wide array of applications. Extended heights, dock door portals with easy to affix hardware are just a few of the hallmarks of our selection. RFID in a Box systems are our extremely cost effective, off-the-shelf solutions to common applications such as controlling access to specific zones or parking lots.  These standalone systems includes everything you’ll need to get up and running immediately: the software, antenna and all other peripherals such as the digital I/O are all interfaced together in a system case and are ready to be installed directly at doors or entryways.  


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