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Browse our selection of RFID readers with RS232 interface built in and boast features such as 4 Port and Reader Writer functionality.

If you have questions about our RFID Readers, or which RFID Tags work best with them please feel free to contact our experts who would be happy to help! Our experts are versed in BLE, RFID and IoT devices and systems.

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134.2 kHz Handheld Stick Reader

This 134.2 kHz rugged handheld reader is designed for applications including logistics, animal tracking, warehouse management and access control.

ID: 222016

Linux / Android 9.0 based 8-Port UHF RFID Fixed Reader Writer

Overview: GAORFID 216040 high-performance eight-channel fixed Linux (4.0.11 Core) or Android (v9.0) based UHF Gen 2 smart reader/writer adopts Impinj R2000 module with features of high integration and excellent performance. It operates in the software adjustable 860 to 960 MHz frequency ranges. GAORFID 216040 possesses diverse features including a high performance RF module, digital signal […]

ID: 216040

UHF Miniature RFID Integrated Reader/Writer

This UHF RFID integrated reader/writer operates under Linux OS for efficient expandability of a variety of customized applications.

ID: 216030

125 kHz LF RFID Reader

This long range 125 kHz LF reader is suitable for access control solutions and features a built-in antenna that provides a read range of up to 3.3 ft (1 m).

ID: 211023

860~960MHz High-Performance Four-Channel UHF Gen 2 Reader Writer

High-performance four-channel fixed UHF reader/writer w/ Built-in RS-232 and RJ45 Ethernet interfaces, Versatile I/O ports, such as Digital Inputs, Dry contact Relay, etc.

ID: 216002

860-960 MHz UHF USB+RS232+Wiegand Desktop/Wall Mounted RFID Reader

Features High performance UHF RFID module and antenna integrated inside with outstanding performance USB charge or independent 9V power supply supported, providing more convenient user experience USB 2.0/ RS-232/ Wiegand 26/ Wiegand 34 supported and integrated all together, catering to all kinds of needs for data transfer Operates at 860 MHz – 960 MHz frequency […]

ID: 236048

134.2 kHz HDX/FX RFID Reader

This stationary 134 kHz reader is built for ease of use in difficult environments through its patented Auto Tuning Function (ATF) for the best read range and IP54 rating.

ID: 212002

125 kHz Low Frequency RFID Reader/Interrogator

This LF reader has a compact size and multiple interfaces including a magnetic stripe, Wiegand, and RS-232 serial ASC II, allowing it to be used for upgrading existing installations.

ID: 211006

125 kHz Low Frequency RFID Reader/Interrogator

This compact 125 kHz reader features many interface formats and an auto-tuning function to automatically adjust for optimal tag reading.

ID: 211016

13.56 MHz All-in-One Desktop Reader/Writer w/Built-in Antenna

This HF all-in-one desktop reader is a multi-function device that provides high-sensitivity read/write capability and can be mounted on metal.

ID: 233015

13.56 MHz Compact RFID Reader Writer

The high frequency handheld reader uses the Windows CE 5.0 system and has a waterproof, shock resistant, and dust resistant casing to ensure it can thrive in any environment.

ID: 233006

13.56 MHz HF Desktop USB Reader/Writer

This HF desktop USB reader/writer reads and writes NFC labels, is compliant with multiple protocol standards, and has multiple connectivity and communication interfaces.

ID: 233018

13.56 MHz HF USB RFID Reader/Writer

This HF USB reader/writer is able to define security keys and write them to MIFARE RFID cards, is IP40 rated, and weighs 4 oz (115 g).

ID: 233002

13.56 MHz High Performance RFID Reader Writer w/ Multiple Antenna Ports

This high performance HF desktop reader has a fast read speed of up to 50 tags per second, features anti-collision technology, and can scan over 300 tags at once.

ID: 233016

13.56 MHz MIFARE RFID Reader

For access control and point of sale systems, this NFC compatible 13.56 MHz high frequency reader transfers recorded transactions to a computer via a RS232 interface.

ID: 223016

13.56 MHz RFID Reader Writer

This plug and play 13.56 MHz reader has the compact size, low power consumption, and low weight needed for access control, ticketing, and other applications.

ID: 233013

134.2 kHz ASA Fixed Reader Antenna Panel

This 134.2 kHz ASA fixed reader antenna panel is designed for applications with demands for long distance identification and a large reading volume.

ID: 312002

134.2 kHz LF Portable Rugged RFID Stick Reader

The 134 kHz portable rugged stick reader gives users the option of a high power mode for a longer read range and a low power mode for longer operating hours.

ID: 212009

134.2 kHz LF RFID Reader

The 134 kHz long range reader has a read range of over 20” (51 cm) and has electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for use in tough environments.

ID: 212002B

4-Channel UHF RFID Fixed Reader

Features: EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C/ ISO18000-6B standard 860-960MHZ (Software Adjustable) RS232, RS485 , TCP/IP and wireless communication ways Output power up to 30 dBm (Software adjustable Multiple working modes supported – Automatic, Command or Trigger Buzzer and LED status indicator 2 x isolated input, 2 x output I/O interface […]

ID: 216037

860 – 960 MHz for Multi-Region RFID Reader Writer

This is high-performance eight-channel fixed Android-based UHF Gen 2 smart reader/writer adopts Impinj R2000 module with features of high integration and excellent performance.

ID: 236020

Active RFID Reader Hub for Automatic Identification

This active hub reader is fully dedicated for Telematics applications and provides easy, flexible, and wireless solutions for automatic identification/event detection/sensor monitoring.

ID: 214046

Active RFID Reader with Adjustable Receiving Range

This active reader is IP65 rated for wet locations, reads up to 330 ft (100 m) with multiple connectivity interfaces, and can work as a standalone device.

ID: 214047

Android UHF RFID 4-port Fixed Reader

Features:   High performance – Qualcomm MSM8909 chip platform, 1.8GHz quad-core A7 processor with up to 1.8GHz, Mali-T764 GPU, supporting 4K, H.265 hard decoding. Android 1 Industrial design, full metal housing (aluminum alloy), rugged and durable for harsh environments. Flexible and versatile communication interfaces – built-in Bluetooth, WIFI, 4G/LTE, RS232,USB OTG interface, Ethernet, HDMI, 4 […]

ID: 216038

Bi-directional RFID Reading System

This bi-directional reader detects and counts RFID tags as they pass by from multiple directions and has an adjustable range of up to 262 ft (80 m).

ID: 214052

High Performance 4-Port UHF Gen 2 RFID Reader Writer

GAORFID 236041 is a high performance 4-Ports UHF Gen 2 RFID reader and writer which can be well adapted to the installation requirements for indoor or outdoor environments.

ID: 236041

High Performance 8-Port UHF Gen 2 RFID Reader/Writer

GAORFID 236042 is a high performance 8-Ports UHF Gen 2 RFID reader and writer which can be well adapted to the installation requirements for indoor or outdoor environments.

ID: 236042

LF 125 kHz or HF 13.56MHz Dual Frequency RFID Reader

This 125 kHz LF and 13.56 MHz HF dual frequency reader can read a wide variety of RFID tags or cards compliant with ISO 14443A, Ultralite, or DESfire.

ID: 211004

Rugged Eight-port RFID Reader

This rugged eight-port RFID reader features Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces, providing a reading distance of up to 49 feet (15m) and a writing distance of up to 26 feet (8m).

ID: 236039

UHF 4-Port Industrial RFID Reader

This 4-Port Industrial RFID reader is a high performance long range reader licensed according to ETSI, FCC, IC, SRRC (China) and Japan.

ID: 216033

UHF 433 MHz Active RFID Reader/Receiver with RS485 RS232

This active reader supports using remote readers in a daisy chain network via Ethernet and supports a wide variety of antennas.

ID: 214011

UHF 433MHz Active Compact RFID Reader

This UHF active compact reader’s read range is 1.6 – 490 ft (0.5 – 150 m), instantly reports detected tags, is powered via RS232, and is standalone when connected over USB.

ID: 214013

UHF 860- 960 MHz Industrial 4-Port UHF Gen 2 RFID Reader

This UHF 4-port reader is compliant with ISO18000-6B and ISO18000-6C standards, communicates via multiple interfaces, and reads/writes up to 26.2 / 13.1 ft (8 / 4 m), respectively.

ID: 216022

UHF 860-960 MHz Compact RFID Reader/Writer

This multiple communication interface UHF compact reader/writer is compliant to the ISO18000-6C standard and has a read range of up to 11.8” (30 cm).

ID: 236034

UHF 860-960 MHz Desktop RFID Reader Writer

This global standalone UHF reader/writer has a built-in antenna that reads up to 1.64 ft (0.5 m) and includes a free SDK.

ID: 236007

UHF 860-960 MHz High Performance Integrated Passive RFID Reader

This UHF high performance integrated reader has 64 MB of DRAM memory, 32 MB of flash memory, and SSL / SSH-based security features.

ID: 236013

UHF 860-960 MHz Industrial RFID Reader

This built-in omni-directional UHF reader supports multiple protocols, multiple interfaces, a fast read/write speed, and a read range of up to 19.6 ft (6 m).

ID: 216023

UHF 860-960 MHz Long-Range Integrated RFID Reader

This multiple interface UHF long-range integrated reader is an ideal solution for intelligent logistics applications, has a built-in antenna, and reads up to 49 ft (15 m).

ID: 216021

UHF Integrated Antenna Reader

Overview: GAORFID 216036 UHF integrated antenna reader Writer is a powerful ATEX & IECEx certified reader/writer, especially suited for tracking critical items and vehicle identification in hazardous environments, which require explosion-protected equipment such as the chemical, petrochemical, gas filling stations, refinery, onshore /offshore plants and nuclear industries.   Main Features and Applications: Logistics Track and […]

ID: 216036

UHF RFID Desktop Reader RS232/LAN

Features:   The Standalone RFID Reader/Writer designed for the desktop or wall-mount application. It communicates through built-in RS-232 (Serial) or Ethernet (TCP/IP) connection from your PC or laptop. It supports both EPC Class1 GEN 1 (ISO-18000-6B ) and GEN 2 (,  ISO-18000-6C ) Protocols operating in the global UHF 860-960 MHz band. Frequency range: 860-960 […]

ID: 236049

UHF RFID Integrated Reader/Writer with a Built-in Antenna

This UHF RFID integrated reader/writer has a 9dBi circular antenna built inside and provides a reading distance of up to 65 feet (20m) and is IP 66 rated for outdoor use.

ID: 216031