GAO provides RFID peripherals that help to complete your RFID system, including RFID printers, relay controllers, and digital I/O adapters.

Our RFID printers helps high-volume applications by printing and encoding RFID labels to use for item-level tagging and tracking. The use our digital I/O adapters enable companies to create multiple antennas to one RFID reader and create larger read zones. All RFID systems can also benefit from our relay controllers that provide the ability to switch between voltages and use both AC and DC loads.

We have RFID Peripherals for Every System

Do you have a question concerning our RFID peripherals? One of our Experts will help you to choose the right RFID printer, digital I/O adapter, or relay controller.Contact us today!

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ID: 486004

ID: 486003

ID: 491038

This MicroLogix™ 1400 Programmable Logic Controller combines features such as EtherNet/IP, online editing, and a built-in LCD.

ID: 491023

Industrial Wiegand-to-Ethernet Smart Controller IP UDP TCP PPP RAS ICMP Protocols

ID: 491030

UHF 850-1900MHz GSM GPRS Data Transmission Terminal

ID: 491028

This RFID Antenna Hub provides a low cost alternative for the creation of a large, contiguous RFID read zone by enabling from 5 to 32 antennas.

ID: 491029

This GPIO Adapter is used in conjunction with the RFID Reader Antenna Hub and RFID Reader/Writer to provide a low cost, large, contiguous RFID read zone.

ID: 491025

This high performance access control device identifies users via fingerprint, RFID card, and password or camera identification methods.

ID: 491018

This Wiegand-to-Ethernet Smart Controller is a compact access controller that is able to connect to any kind of Wiegand reader, such as a magnetic stripe or fingerprint reader.

ID: 491022B

This 4-channel TTL relay board provides three different relay coil voltages allowing you to switch high-current loads.

ID: 486002

The RFID printer is a key component for any RFID rollout, whether the project is inventory management, supply chain or manufacturing related.

ID: 491022A

This 2-channel TTL relay board provides three different relay coil voltages you to switch high-current loads.

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