Retail RFID Tags

GAO RFID provides an entire collection of RFID tags that cater to the retail industry. From paper tags to locking apparel tags and flexible label tags, we carry tags that will help you create smart labeling to track inventory, reduce shrink, improve product replacement, improve security and reduce the time your customers spend in the check-out line.  They also work well with our handheld RFID readers, as well as, all our other RFID Readers.

Find Your Retail RFID Tags

We have a large selection of RFID tags for retail applications and security. Please see our full selection of retail tags below, and ask our Experts if there is anything you need that you don’t see!


If you have questions about our RFID Readers, or which RFID Tags work best with them please feel free to contact our experts who would be happy to help! Our experts are versed in BLE, RFID and IoT devices and systems.

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This mount-on-metal RFID tag is part of a series of GAO’s mount-on-metal, high-temperature resistant tags.
ID: 116632
The 360° RFID optical tag is designed to protect glasses and sunglasses at the store level while improving inventory control throughout retail business.
ID: 116432
This 13.56 MHZ High Frequency ICODE EPC Paper RFID Tag is waterproof/dustproof and used for retail item level or electronic item tracking applications.
ID: 113005
The transparent crystal covered 13.56 MHz High frequency jewelry tag is mainly designed to meet the retail industry, jewellery tracking, and other item level assets tracking requirements.  
ID: 113513
This 13.56 MHz HF Jewelry RFID Tag is specially designed to enable automatic jewelry tracking in retail, wholesale or secured storage applications.
ID: 113014
The RFID tag is encapsulated by ABS material, it is combined with EAS and UHF RFID technology all together, comply with EPC C1G2 (ISO-18000/6C), operating at 860-960 MHz frequency.
ID: 116327
This RFID tag is specially designed to perform in applications where the inlay of the tag hangs away from the metallic asset and offers a great number of features.
ID: 116270
NFC Tamper Proof RFID Tag is the self-destructive tag that works on NFC technology
ID: 113422
This UHF 860-960 MHz RFID Tag a high performance RFID Hang Tag for garment tracking in retail stores.
ID: 116256
The durable retail apparel and shoes read/write tag covers 32 ft. (10m) read range and used in many applications such as retail industry, cloth warehouse management, and asset tracking.    
ID: 116213
This high performance RFID tag is specially designed for applications including jewelry tagging, inventory management and asset tracking.
ID: 116305B
This is a robust RFID tag specifically designed for tracking and managing valuable items like jewelry.
ID: 116252
The Flex is a passive Gen 2 UHF EPC Class 1 RFID tag with laminated finish providing improved visibility of assets in various environments.
ID: 115006
The Gen2 UHF Retail Apparel Hard Tag is waterproof and dust protected and able to cover up to 19 ft. (6m) read distance works with EAS and RFID dual technology features.
ID: 116231
This RFID washable tag can withstand water and high and low temperatures when sewed onto garments.
ID: 116331
This UHF RFID clothing tag provides a dual locking mechanism which is designed to only be detached by the Intelligent RFID Clothing Tag Unfastener.
ID: 116314
This UHF EPC Gen2 RFID tag, which can be used close to metal, liquids and other RF unfriendly materials.
ID: 115004