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ID: 577001

ID: gao-fabric-textile-leather-inventory-tracking

ID: gao-postal-asset-tracking

ID: 116328

ID: 116230

The Gen 2 UHF 902-928 MHz RFID High performance on-metal tag is mainly used in on-metal objects and IT tracking applications. and can reserve data up to 10 years.

ID: 116225

Our UHF Blink cable RFID tag operates on global 860-960 MHz frequency combined with the EAS technology, which provides security to retailers for inventory management.

ID: 113518

This dual frequency Fabric RFID Tag is available with numerous chips, comfortable to use and perform well under extreme climate conditions. It is ideal for access control and event ticketing.  

ID: 112112

This LF Animal ID Tag is specially designed for animal or bird identification and tracking with long durability and service life.

ID: 116214

The highly durable rugged passive RFID tag has been designed with ABS rigid material to support manufacturing tool tracking, logistics, and warehouse management.

ID: 116410

This miniature UHF on-metal tag provides unparalleled performance for asset management especially for high value IT assets such as computers.

ID: 116037

This mount-on-metal RFID tag is a mount-on-metal, high-temperature resistant tag that offers robust performance at an attractive price point.

ID: 115008

The Prox is a compact high-performance UHF Gen 2 RFID tag that offers a manageable read range of greater than 1.5 metres.

ID: 24a186ca8f2f

RFID Reader: GAO2210 RFID Card Reader (13.56MHz) With Keyboard

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