13.56 MHz Wi-Fi | Bluetooth ISO15693 Handheld Scanner


The 13.56 MHz handheld label reader reads/writes ISO15693 and ISO18000-3M1 compliant smart labels at a maximum read distance of up to 50cm (20 inches), With its high-sensitivity and fast anti-collision algorithm, it is able to detect up to 50 tags per second.

Key Features

  • Wireless 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity
  • ISO15693 and ISO18000-3M1 Compliant
  • Reading distance up to 50cm (20 inches)
  • RF Power adjustment through software (0.25~1.5W)
  • Recharge-able Batteries supporting up to 3-4 hours of continuous scan


Technical Specifications

Operating Frequency13.56MHz
Compatible ProtocolsISO15693 and ISO18000-3M1
Adjustable RF Power0.25~1.5W
Reading Range40cm (tags dependent)
Reading SpeedUp to 50pcs per second
Communication InterfaceWireless Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
Work ModesHost and Scan mode
Power Consumption<5W
Working Temperature-10℃~60℃
Dimension / Weight570*113*41mm / 300g


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