13.56 MHz High Frequency Thin RFID Card13.56 MHz High Frequency Thin RFID Card
SKU: 113304
13.56 MHz High Frequency Thin RFID Card

Product ID: 113304

This 13.56 MHz High Frequency (HF) Thin RFID is the solution for  card ticketing and contactless smart card applications and provides– excellent security.

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Type Contactless Read/Write
Operating Frequency 13.56 MHz. (HF-High Frequency).
Capacity 4 kbytes
Common Usage Ticketing, Contactless smart card – excellent security
Tested Read Range 2.5 ~10 cm ( 1- 4 in.)
Multi-Detection Yes
NFC Compatible Yes
Size 85.6 x 53.98 x 0.8 mm
Material PVC
Color White
Weight 5 g ± 0.5 g
Compliance MF1 S70
Regulatory Specifications ISO/IEC 9798-2
Operating Specifications Waterproof and dustproof
Resistance to immersion in salt water, alcohol, oil, 10% HCL,
Ammonia =
Shock – Dependant on packaging
Vibration – Dependant on packaging
Temperature – Storage –40 °C to 85 °C
Operating -25 °C to 70 °C



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