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Browse our selection of rugged and IP rated RFID readers.  IP rated readers are good for outdoor use and with the combined rugged build are also good for readers that must be carried outdoors by employees.

If you don’t see something that fits your needs or have questions about any of our rugged and outdoor readers please feel free to contact us.

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134.2 kHz Handheld Stick Reader

This 134.2 kHz rugged handheld reader is designed for applications including logistics, animal tracking, warehouse management and access control.

ID: 222016

Industrial AndroidTablet UHF/NFC/Barcode/Infrared Mobile Reader

Features Android 9.0 rugged tablet with abundant functions Qualcomm 1.8 GHz Octa-core An extra layer of protection is provided by Corning Gorilla Glass which makes it damage and scratch resistant RAM + ROM: 2+16 GB / 3+32 GB It adopts Zebra scan engine which enables lightining-fast capture of 1D/2d barcodes including dirty and poorly printed […]

ID: 246033

134.2 kHz HDX/FX RFID Reader

This stationary 134 kHz reader is built for ease of use in difficult environments through its patented Auto Tuning Function (ATF) for the best read range and IP54 rating.

ID: 212002

134.2 kHz LF Long Range Fixed RFID Reader

The 134 kHz LF long range fixed reader is designed for harsh environments and features a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that greatly reduces noise interference.

ID: 212007

134.2 kHz LF Portable Rugged RFID Stick Reader

The 134 kHz portable rugged stick reader gives users the option of a high power mode for a longer read range and a low power mode for longer operating hours.

ID: 212009

Bluetooth UHF Gen 2 RFID Device

This handheld UHF Gen 2 RFID Reader offers flexible options for data transfer to a host through Bluetooth. It allows for easy connection to devices such as PDAs, laptops or smart phones.

ID: 246032

Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader

Features Support 860~960MHz ISO-18000-6C (EPC Gen 2) protocol Retail store business (clothes, jewelry etc.),  Warehouse / logistic tracking system,  Asset management and inventory checking Bluetooth 4.0 communication with iPhone, iPad,  Android smart device,  PDA,  PC,  laptop, Reliable and rugged design to meet harsh working environment 6m reading range Multiple-working status indications (LCD, Vibration motor,  LED, […]

ID: 246035

Rugged Eight-port RFID Reader

This rugged eight-port RFID reader features Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces, providing a reading distance of up to 49 feet (15m) and a writing distance of up to 26 feet (8m).

ID: 236039

UHF 2-Port Industrial RFID Reader

This 2-Port Industrial Reader is a very robust industry and railway approved RFID reader family. It is tested according the EN 50 155. All components are designed for a very long lifetime in harsh industrial environments.

ID: 216032

UHF 4-Port Industrial RFID Reader

This 4-Port Industrial RFID reader is a high performance long range reader licensed according to ETSI, FCC, IC, SRRC (China) and Japan.

ID: 216033

UHF 433 MHz Active RFID Rugged Reader/Receiver

This UHF rugged reader/receiver can be configured remotely, has multi-regional flexibility, has multiple interfaces, and supports a wide variety of antennas that covers up to 490 ft (150 m).

ID: 214041

UHF 433MHz Compact Rugged Active RFID Reader

This compact rugged standalone reader provides instant reporting of all detected Wavetrend active tags and supports a wide variety of antennas that can read up to 490 ft (150 m).

ID: 214042

UHF 860-960 MHz 4 Port Passive RFID Reader

This rugged UHF 4-port reader has an IP52 rating, reads tags up to 30 ft (9 m), has optional Wi Fi connectivity, and can read up to 400 tags per second.

ID: 236016

UHF 860-960 MHz Bluetooth RFID Key Fob Reader

This USB/Bluetooth key fob reader is compliant with ISO18000-6C/EPC C1G2 standards, has an integrated linear polarized antenna, and reads tags up to 2.95 ft (0.90 m) away.

ID: 246021

UHF 860-960 MHz Fixed RFID Reader/Writer w/ 2 Antenna ports

This global UHF 2 antenna port reader uses its Autopilot mode to sense and optimize its configuration for the best performance possible, supports PoE, and reads 300 tags per second.

ID: 236018

UHF 860-960 MHz RFID Reader/Writer w/ 4 Antenna Ports

This global 4-port high performance UHF reader/writer supports PoE, enterprise-class management and monitoring, and reads up to 430 tags per second.

ID: 236015

UHF Gen 2 Rain reader

Features:  Enterprise-grade reliability and security—Secure and field-upgrade-able; built on a heritage of best-in-class reliability Designed for enterprise-grade deployments—High-speed processing power and superior receive sensitivity for next-generation, enterprise RAIN applications Connects like other IoT devices—Easily connect to IoT applications with RESTful API and support for popular IoT data transfer technologies Build powerful, custom solutions—Embed powerful, custom […]

ID: 216043

UHF RFID Integrated Reader/Writer with a Built-in Antenna

This UHF RFID integrated reader/writer has a 9dBi circular antenna built inside and provides a reading distance of up to 65 feet (20m) and is IP 66 rated for outdoor use.

ID: 216031

UHF/Barcode/Infrared Android Tablet Mobile Reader

This rugged, powerful, multiple configuration capable (LF/HF/UHF) advanced Android tablet is IP67 rated, has an LCD screen capable of being read under sunlight, and has a long battery life.

ID: 246025


Features Up to 18 Meters with Linear Polarized Up to 15 meters with Circular Polarized Antenna (tag and environment dependent) Specific Frequency Bands Available for your Country Choice of : Vertically linear polarized/Horizontally linear polarized/Circular polarized Ruggedized designed : Drop test 1.2 meters on 6 surface,IP54 rated Optional 2d Barcode Scanner Module Works with all […]

ID: 246041

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