GAO RFID provides a selection of long range (100m+) RFID tags. These long range tags are active tags using the 2.45 GHz and 433 MHz frequencies. Long range tags are ideal for tracking large or high value assets across large areas and spaces.

When paired with our 2.45 GHz readers or 433 Mhz readers and matched with our RFID antennas, optimal gain can be attained, provided even longer reading distances.


GAO RFID offers a variety of long range RFID tags with protocols that enable users to track large and high valuable assets across large areas and spaces. These tags are available in a variety of frequencies that include 2.45 GHz, 433 MHz and 860- 960 MHz. Some of the key feature characteristics of this type of tags are their durability, ruggedness, and their long range sensing capabilities; various form factors and the active RFID technology. Some of the long-range RFID tags compile with the ATEX Zone 0 and ICEPEX standards and support various protocols such as ISO/IEC 18000-6C. The tags respond to different needs and are design to be suitable for multiple environments and purposes. Furthermore the long-range RFID tags have a reading range that is usually up to 328’ (100 m) and are designed with technology of low power consumption in order to ensure longer battery life.


The long-range RFID tags enable the user to track assets across large areas and spaces. This product is suitable to different industries and is applicable to a wide range of businesses. Some of the applications for this type of tag include people tracking, asset location & tracking, warehouse inventory management, alarm systems, industry automation systems, monitoring of an items temperature, use on metal, oil & gas industry and mining. Other uses for the long range RFID tags include personnel and patient tracking, hospitals and care centers.

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UHF 860 – 960MHz Long Range Personnel RFID Tag

Features: RFID tag with long reading distance and high sensitivity Possess excellent physical characteristics Conveniently used for personnel management in campuses, hospitals, venues and other environments Working frequency of 860 – 960MHz Read and write distance more than 11.5 ft. (3.5 m) IP65 Protection Memory storage of up to 128bit 10 years data retention time […]

ID: 116272

2.45 GHz Active Key Fob RFID Tag/Transponder

This 2.45 GHz key fob tag provides a read range of to 98′ (30m) and features a panic button to immediately alert the monitoring system of an event.

ID: 127012

2.45 GHz Active Personnel RFID Card Tag

A 2.45 GHz Active RFID card tag that provides up to 100m of read range and has a unique anti collision feature that allows for a simultaneous read of up to 100 tags.

ID: 127002

2.45 GHz Active RFID Beaconing Tag/Transponder

A 2.45 GHz Active RFID beaconing tag has a built-in flashing LED, provides a read range of up to 30m, and has a tamper resistant mechanism.

ID: 127005

2.45 GHz Active RFID Strip Tag/Transponder

A 2.45 GHz Active RFID strip tag with a read range of up to 100m and an anti-collision feature allows for a simultaneous read of up to 100 tags.

ID: 127001

2.45 GHz Active Vibration Sensor RFID Tag/Transponder

A 2.45 GHz Active RFID vibration sensing tag that detects and transmits the presence of continuous or impulsive vibration so that the monitoring system can tell when the item is being moved.

ID: 127004

2.45 GHz Active Wristband RFID Tag

This 2.45 GHz RFID wristband provides an alert if disassembled and is designed for tracking people and patients in hospitals, care centers or other institutions.

ID: 127006C

2.45GHz Active Temperature Sensor RFID Tag

This tag provides real-time collection and monitoring of an item’s temperature suitable for tracking temperature-sensitive assets such as medical specimens and perishable goods.

ID: 127003

433 MHz Active RFID ATEX Wireless Motion Sensor Zone 0 Compatible

Overview 433 MHz Active RFID ATEX Wireless Motion Sensor is a Zone 0 compatible RFID device with an integrated motion sensor. The sensor is battery-powered, has an extensive range of up to 262.47 ft. (80m) in open field and an extended lifecycle of up to 4 years. The sensor feature an ultra-compact and anti-hanging design. […]

ID: 124083

433 MHz Active RFID Coin Tag

This Active RFID Tag is a coin-sized tag that is IP68 rated for waterproof applications and has a high read range of up to 262 feet (80 metres).

ID: 124068

433 MHz Active RFID Key Fob Tag

This 433 MHz active RFID key fob tag operates in two modes including sleep mode and wake mode and it is intended for indoor use for applications such as personnel tracking.

ID: 124014

433 MHz Active RFID Robust Wireless Temperature Sensor

Overview   The 433 MHz active RFID sensor is a wireless, battery-powered tag featuring an integrated temperature sensor. This high-performance tag transmits temperature readings within a 328.08 ft. (100 m) wide radius. The robust and waterproof features of this tag guarantee the accuracy and independence of the environment and surroundings. The  433 MHz active RFID […]

ID: 124086

433 MHz Active RFID Wireless Brightness Sensor

Overview The 433 MHz Active RFID Wireless Brightness Sensor is a long-range, battery-powered active RFID tag featuring an integrated brightness sensor measuring ambient lighting levels. The device has a high transmission range of 262.47 ft. (80 m) in the open field and an extended lifecycle of 10 years. The sensor has been designed to be […]

ID: 124082

433 MHz RFID Robust Long Range, Wireless Motion Detection Tag

Overview   The 433 MHz RFID robust long-range, wireless motion detection tag, is an instantly emitting tag installed on vehicles triggering alerts or automation commands for vehicle access control. This tag is highly customizable, allowing the configuration of its ID code number, specifying a movement warning threshold and setting a battery alarm criterion. The device […]

ID: 124085

433 MHz Slim ID Active RFID Tag

This 433 MHz Slim ID Active Tag is designed with an adhesive, tamper-proof backing and has a long read range of up to 196 feet (60 metres).

ID: 124070

433 MHz Thinline IR Active RFID Tag

This 433 MHz Thinline IR Active RFID Tag is a compact and thin (5mm) RFID tag with a reading range oof up to 262 feet (80 metres).

ID: 124071

433 MHz Wireless Sensor with Counter or Binary on/off Detection Function

Overview The 433 MHz wireless sensor is a long-range active RFID tag with a digital sensor input. This device features a counter or binary on/off detection function. It is used  to monitor the on/off status of the equipment, such as cooling units, continuously in real-time in industries like logistics and transportation above others.   Features […]

ID: 124084

433MHz Active Wristband (Waterproof IP68) RFID Tag

This 433 MHz Active IR RFID Tag has an ultra long read range of 492 feet (150 metres) and is also available in an IP65 rated waterproof version.

ID: 124081

Active RFID Waterproof Temperature Sensor

This Active RFID Waterproof Temperature Sensor has a high receiving range and is IP65 rated, enabling the tagging and monitoring of item temperature and location.

ID: 124078

RFID Nail Tag for Wood

The RFID Nail Tag can be nailed into any type of wood, suitable for any kind of pallets, trees and wood; it is rust-resistant in wet and chemical environment.

ID: 116255

UHF 433 MHz Active Asset Hazard RFID Tag

This UHF 433 MHz active RFID asset hazard tag is certified to ATEX Zone 0 and ICEPEX standards and can be configured to hold standard 26-bit Wiegand numbering.

ID: 124017-HZ

UHF 433 MHz Active Indoor Asset RFID Tag

The 433 MHz active indoor asset RFID tag can incorporate a motion sensor providing immediate alarms on movement and offers different user-configurable rates for its status transmissions.

ID: 124018

UHF 433 MHz Active Industrial Asset RFID Tag

The industrial active RFID asset tag is ideally suited for heavy duty or outdoor assets or vehicle tracking and monitoring applications.

ID: 124017

UHF 433 MHz Active Micro RFID Tag

This 433 MHz compact RFID active tag features a light weight, low power consumption, and collision avoidance algorithm function with an ultra long-range transmitter.

ID: 124008

UHF 433 MHz Active Micro Strap RFID Tag

This 433 MHz micro wrist strap RFID tag has a unique omni-directional antenna design, works well with both metallic and non metallic asset, and has an anti-tamper feature.

ID: 124009

UHF 433 MHz Active Personnel RFID Tag

This active RFID personnel tag is intended for use in all personnel security and access applications such as dynamic mustering and health and safety compliance, or on non-metal assets.

ID: 124012

UHF 433 MHz Active Rugged Wrist Strap RFID Tag

This 433 MHz active rugged wrist strap RFID tag allows for a wide range of user-supplied wrist straps to be used to attach the tag to the wearer’s wrist and is splash proof.

ID: 124007

UHF 433 MHz Active Temperature Sensor RFID Tag

This asset temperature tag can be used to measure temperature in an indoor or outdoor environment and can be deployed equally well on metallic and non metallic assets.

ID: 124017-Temp

UHF 433 MHz Personnel RFID Tag

This 433 MHz active RFID personnel hazard tag is ATEX Zone 0, ICEPEX and intrinsically safe certified and is generally used for security & safety applications.

ID: 124012-HZ

UHF 860 -960MHz Container Zip Tie RFID Tag

This tag is designed with card buckle and a saw to the tie strip resulting in tight, secure, waterproof connection to assets and has an anti-collision function.

ID: 116068

UHF 860- 960 MHz Customized Label On-Metal RFID Tag Series

The passive UHF Gen 2 RFID tag series are specially designed for mount-on-metal and high-temperature environment applications.

ID: 116431

UHF 860-930 MHz IP68 Rated Rugged Asset RFID Tag

This durable, long-range tag is designed for metal mount which means it is  optimized for attachment to metallic objects.

ID: 116049

UHF 860-960 MHz Ironside Passive RFID Tag

This patent pending solution provides totally new benchmark for low-cost passive RFID in its size and durability (IP68) to various customer requirements.

ID: 116403

UHF 860-960 MHz Harsh Environment RFID Tag

This UHF RFID tag is specially designed to work under harsh environments and can withstand shock and vibration and prolonged exposure to extreme weather and temperature.

ID: 116041

UHF 860-960 MHz Mini Mount-on Metal RFID Tag

This mount-on-metal RFID tag is part of a series of our mount-on-metal, high-temperature resistant tags.

ID: 116039

UHF 860-960 MHz On-Metal RFID Tag

This UHF RFID tag is compliant with EPC class 1 Gen 2 and ISO18000-6C protocols and offers a long read range of up to 7 meters on metal and 3.5 meters in metal reader dependent.

ID: 116608

UHF 860-960 MHz RFID Jewelry Tag

This high performance RFID tag is specially designed for applications including jewelry tagging, inventory management and asset tracking.

ID: 116305B

UHF 860-960 MHz RFID Laundry Tag

This flexible and durable UHF RFID laundry tag allows simultaneous reading and provides a read range of up to 6.5 feet (2 metres).

ID: 116407

UHF 860-960 MHz Thin PVC RFID Card

This UHF 860-960 MHz RFID Card is thin, made of PVC , waterproof and designed for long reading range applications.

ID: 116306

UHF 860-960 MHz Thin RFID Card

This UHF 860-960 MHz Thin RFID Card is designed with a thin form factor and is popularly used for access control and employee badge identification.

ID: 116305

UHF 860-960 MHz Zip Tie RFID Tag

This UHF RFID zip tie tag is highly durable, self-locking, and is designed with card buckle and saw to the tie strip resulting a tight binding to any asset.

ID: 116069

UHF 860-960 MHz Zip Tie RFID Tag

This RFID zip tie tag operates over a frequency range of 860 MHz to 960 MHz and provides a wide read distance and is suitable for supply chain solutions.

ID: 116401B

UHF 860-960 MHz/13.56 MHz Dual Frequency RFID Tag

This high performance integrated RFID MIFARE® tag combines the dual frequency function of UHF and HF in one.

ID: 116510

UHF 865 MHz Max RFID Tag (Laminated Finish)

The Max is a high-performing, long-range passive UHF RFID tag with outstanding read range of up to 23 feet (7 metres).

ID: 115007

UHF 865 MHz RFID Flex Tag (EU Version, Laminated Finish)

The Flex is a passive Gen 2 UHF EPC Class 1 RFID tag with laminated finish providing improved visibility of assets in various environments.

ID: 115006

UHF 900 MHz EPC Gen 2 RFID Tag

This UHF EPC Gen2 RFID tag, which can be used close to metal, liquids and other RF unfriendly materials.

ID: 115004

UHF 900 MHz Max RFID Tag

The Max, a long-range passive UHF RFID tag, provides maximum visibility for applications such as conveyances, pallets, large high-value assets and even vehicle tracking.

ID: 116028

UHF 900 MHz Strip RFID Tag

This UHF 900 MHz Strip Metal RFID Tag is designed for harsh environments and provides a long read range.

ID: 116504

UHF On-Metal RFID Tag

Features: Read range up to 12 meters (39.4 ft) Read range up to 12 meters (39.4 ft)Read range up to 39.4 ft. (12 m) Superior RF performance Overlaminate surface for increased durability Lower cost than a hard tag Better size-to-performance ratio vs competitive products Longer read ranges than a label of the same size Designed […]

ID: 116265

UHF On-Metal RFID Tag

Features Capable for reading on, off, and near metal surfaces long range passive UHF RFID tag Rugged design for long term outdoor and industrial environments. Ideal for tote tracking, logistics, postal, and retail supply chain. Wide read range, up to 26.2 ft. (8 m) High memory content, providing large volume of information Fast Operating Frequency, […]

ID: 116262

Wireless Analog Input RFID Sensor

This Wireless Analog Input RFID Sensor has a high range of up to 492 feet (150 metres) and is IP65 rated to work in the harshest environments.

ID: 124076

Wireless Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor RFID Tag

Key Features   High transmission range: 150 meters (open field) Lifecycle: up to 10 years Robust industrial casing Indoor applications User-definable Tag’s Identifier (RW)   Technical Specifications   Battery’s power supply 3.6 VDC – Non-rechargeable Li-SOCI2 Internal battery Frequency 433.92 MHz Sensor Frame Length ID code on 12 bits + Measurement Value on 12 bits […]

ID: 124080

Wireless RFID Magnetic Sensor

This Wireless RFID Magnetic Sensor has a high receiving range and is IP68 rated to enable the detection of any loss of magnetic contact.

ID: 124073

Wireless RFID Motion Sensor

This Wireless RFID Motion Sensor tag is used as both an internal motion sensor and a wireless sensor to secure outdoor assets.

ID: 124072

Wireless RFID Relative Humidity Sensor

This Wireless RFID Relative Humidity Sensor monitors and tracks the relative humidity of tagged items from up to 262 feet (80 metres) away.

ID: 124074

Wireless RFID Temperature Sensor

This RFID Temperature Sensor uses the 433 MHz frequency and is a compact long range RFID temperature sensor that is IP68 rated for use in wet locations.

ID: 124075

UHF 860-960 MHz Razor On-Metal RFID Tag

This tag can be used in both metal and non-metal applications with highly stable performance, is compliant with EPC class 1 Gen 2 protocol.

ID: 116427

UHF 860-960 MHz Laundry Soft RFID Tag

This UHF Gen 2 laundry soft-tag is specially developed for the sheet laundry and work clothes market.

ID: 116417

UHF 860-960 MHz On-Metal Logistics RFID Tag

This UHF Mount On Metal RFID tag can be used in tracking management, property management and logistic tracking, specifically designed to perform on metal surfaces.

ID: 116087

UHF 860-960 MHz Document Cabinet Lock RFID Tag

This UHF RFID document cabinet lock tag is intended for tacking cabinets, product boxes and file cabinets so as to prevent any loss of the items inside.

ID: 116071

UHF 860-960 MHz Wristband Silicon Tag

This UHF Wristband Silicon Tag is used for any application where small form factor with longer range read capability is required.

ID: 116401

UHF 860-960 MHz Wrist Watch-Style RFID Tag

This UHF Gen2 wrist watch-style RFID tag features a water and dust resistant design and is durable and comfortable in use.

ID: 116307

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