The 13.56 MHz high temperature resistant HT tag is made up of high temp plastic to endure more temperature with high durability even in harsh environments.




The HT tag works on 13.56 MHz frequency. It is high temperature tag. This tag has flexible read/write range (reader dependent), this tag is compliant with ISO/IEC 15693 standards. In addition, it has data retention period of up to 50 years and can be widely used in many RFID application systems such as asset tracking, factory automations and automotive & security purpose. This tag is working in passive (battery-less transponder) with ip68 ingress protections. This tag is also available in other IC and color.

Key Features

  • High temperature tag is especially designed for applications and processes involving high temperatures
  • Operates effectively with a very good read range, especially when attached to metal.
  • Rugged construction for high durability in harsh environments.
  • Can be attached by screws with the help of two holes.
  • Flexible Read/Write Range (reader dependant).
  • Applications
  • Used in asset tracking applications such as Equipment, Parts, Containers, railway and warehousing solutions
  • Factory automation, Automotive & Security purpose.
  • Technical Specifications
RF Specifications
RF Air ProtocolsI-Code SLIX 13.56 MHz, ISO/IEC 15693
Operating Frequency13.56 MHz
Read DistanceFlexible Read/Write Range (reader dependant)
IC TypeI-Code SLIX 13.56 MHz
Memory Configuration1024 bits, organized in 32 blocks of 4 bytes each
Mechanical Specifications
MaterialHigh Temp plastic
Dimensions3.54 in x 1.33 in x 0.27 in (   90mm x 34mm x 7mm)
Hole Dia.0.19 in (5 mm)
Weight0.79 Oz (22.4 g)
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature-13 °F to 185 °F (-25 °C to 85 °C)
Storage temperature -40°F to 248 °F (-40°C to +120°C)
IP ratingIP 68



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