I-Code SLIX High Frequency RFID Sleeve Tag


Key Features

  • PA6 (Nylon) housing
  • Good thermal inertia protect
  • Perfect protection against impact shock, pressure and other mechanical stresses.
  • UV resistance
  • Severe mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses environments and outdoor applications such as offshore platforms


Technical Specifications

FrequencyI-Code SLIX (HF)
IC TypeI-Code SLIX
MaterialPA6 (Nylon)
MountingUsing standard plastic or metal cable binders
Electrical·   Electrostatic discharge– ESD: ±5kV, 2 times

·   Reading distance: depends on environmental condition, chip type and reader

Thermal·   Operational: -40°C to +85°C

·   Storage: -40°C to +90°C (1000h)

·   Peak: +140°C (10h), +130°C (100h)

·   Temperature shock: -40°C, +90°C, 5min. soaking time, 30sec. transition, 100cycles

Physical·   Shock, IEC 68.2.29: Sin-half-wave, 30g, 18ms, 1100 each direction, +X, -X, +Y, -Y, +Z, -Z

·   Vibration IEC 68.2.6: Sinusoidal, 6g, 10-200Hz, linear, 1Hz/sec., 8h per axis, X,Y,Z

·   IP rating: IP68, 1m/24h

·   Surface Color: Black, yellow, red, green, blue

·   Dimensions: 27 mm x 20.5 mm


and environmental


·   Aqueous solution of salts, alcohol, hydrochloric acid (10%), fuel B, 25% ammonium chloride.

·   Humidity 90% r.H. @ 90°C, 100h

QualificationAll test done at room temperature if not defined different
OptionsLaser engraving, customized insert, optional EMI foil for mount on metal
Weight5±1 g
Packaging100 pcs / box (Box size: 210x100x60 mm)



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