Flex Hard Tag

This Flex Hard RFID tag operates on 860-960 MHz frequency, provides long read range, specially designed for rugged assets, yet flexible and cost effective hard tags.



The Flex Hard tag operates on 860 MHz to 960 MHz frequencies. These tags can be fixed on pallets and other mobile assets and can cover up an average read range of 22- 24 ft. (6.7 to 7.3 m). These tags are used for multiple applications such as returnable pallets, containers, utilities and for embedding within injected moulded products. These tags provide the latest high-resolution digital technology with barcodes that provide excellent clarity and easy scanning. Moreover, these can be fixed with 3M adhesives suited to adhere to polyethylene and polypropylene surfaces with optional rivet holes for mechanical fastening.


Key Features

  • Average read range of 22- 24 ft. (6.7- 7.3 m)
  • IP68 Ingress Protection
  • Can be attached with 3M adhesives
  • Rugged construction, yet flexible
  • Applications
  • Pallet tracking
  • Reusable containers
  • Plastic crates
  • Utility poles


Technical Specifications

RF Specifications
Operating Frequency860 – 960 MHz
Read DistanceAverage read range of 22- 24 ft. (6.7- 7.3 m)
Standard RFID InlayAlien Higgs 3 Squiggle
Mechanical Specifications
Material002” or .003” polyester for subsurface printing, .007” polyester inlay covering, .007” polyester base. Approximate .020” total product thickness
Standard sizes·                     2.625” x 2.25” (66.7 x 57.2 mm)

·                     4.125” x .75” (104.8 x 19.05 mm)

·                     4.5” x .75”       (114.3 x 19.05)

AdhesiveMC71 or MC78 attachment adhesive
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature-1.3°F to 300°F (-18.5 to 149 °C)
IP ratingIP68
Shock Resistance




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