UHF RFID Tag – Prox Laminated Label Finish

The Prox is a compact, high-performance UHF RFID tag with a manageable read range of  greater than 8 feet.



Download Our PDF Product Document
Download Our PDF Product Document

The Prox is a compact, high-performance UHF RFID tag. The manageable read range of this small form tag is greater than 8 feet. Interference from metals and liquids that cause traditional RFID tags to deteriorate in performance is eliminated by this short-range passive RFID tag’s breakthrough technology. The tag is useful in supply chain applications and has 99.99% accurate read rates even on or near metals and liquids. The Prox provides incomparable precision for the tracking of smaller high-value assets such as electronic devices, communications/ network cards, or servers.

Services are available to print barcode and human readable information on the outer label and to add chip programming with the associated EPC code on each individual tag.

Application Usage

  • Product tracking during manufacturing
  • Tool tracking
  • Asset rentals

Features and Benefits

  • Robust, balanced performance on, off, or near metals and liquids
  • Fast read speeds and reliable read rates of over 99.99%
  • Excellent price-to-performance ratio
  • Increased visibility of assets/conveyances
  • Improved efficiency for locating or auditing items
  • 240 bit EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 compliant silicon
  • Minimal support requirements
  • Supplied with label finish or optional ruggedized case finish


Frequency902 MHz to 928 MHz
ICAlien Higgs H2
IC ProtocolUHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2
IC Memory240 bits
Read Range on Metal> 8 ft
Read Range off Metal> 6 ft
Operating Temperature-4 ºF to 149 ºF
Attachment3M 9742LE self adhesive
Size1.3 inch x 0.4 inch x 0.16 inch (L x W x H)
HousingLaminated label
Weight0.05 oz

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