GAO RFID Global Market Reports

As one of the world’s fastest growing RFID technology companies, GAO is regularly featured in a wide variety of market reports, studies, press releases, and more. These reports give a glimpse into some of the industries in which our products are used as well as the reach GAO maintains worldwide.

GAO currently serves customers in more than fifty countries globally. We’re proud to be among the top brands in our market category. As RFID continues to develop new products and the market itself continues to expand in the decade ahead, we want to make our products accessible to any company seeking to incorporate RFID into their management systems.

Cloud-based supply chain management systems continue to grow, which is expanding the use of tracking, data analytics, and inventory management services. RFID has a role to play in all three. For any company, when a shipped product goes missing, we know you want to know where and what happened. Through an RFID asset and inventory management system, this information’s easily obtainable. Instantly strengthen your supply chain by eliminating future losses. Even small to mid-sized retailers are finding benefits in using GAO RFID products.


Among the industries where you can find GAO RFID products is in healthcare. Through GAO, healthcare organizations and institutions have been able to improve process efficiencies, increase asset visibility, enhance the patient experience, track inventory, monitor patients and staff, and more. RFID has been implemented in community centers, hospitals, academic healthcare settings, and more.


GAO RFID technology is being used in numerous North American and international retail companies. The biggest retail corporations in the world are using RFID tech to streamline their supply chain and inventory processes. The benefits are being felt across all retailers, including cosmetic, grocery, and home appliance. Now, companies are able to appeal to the customer experience more effectively, provide personalized promotions, and replenish merchandise as needed.


RFID tags from GAO have worked wonders at improving security in a wide array of facilities. RFID tags are being used to authenticate individuals, is being used in crowded environments such as festivals and stadiums, limits access to certain areas of commercial premises, and allows security personnel to more effectively identify and minimize security threats. A large part of RFID development this past decade has been focused on security at government, international, corporate, and industrial levels.


Manufacturing environments have benefited greatly from GAO RFID tech, applied in industries ranging from automotive to paper and packaging, pharmaceuticals, pulp, and more. Manufacturer’s never been so automated as it is today and with that has come the need to track materials, parts, and assets. RFID tech has also been shown to withstand high temperatures, high pressure, humidity, and certain chemicals. Companies have used GAO products to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness of their manufacturing processes.

Needless to say, the RFID market is growing. Industry is incorporating more technology, particularly in their supply chain and logistics. For those who want more information into how our products are used, how they have helped others, and the benefits of GAO RFID, we’ve assembled various market reports that help to showcase just that. GAO is and will continue to be a large part of RFID growth and expansion, and it’s our hope to continue to highlight the various uses of our RFID products in companies and cities all over the world.

Market Reports That Discuss GAO RFID